Tuesday, September 9, 2008

4th District WMS - Required Reading 2008-2009

Read, Research, Reflect, Respond!

The nine books on the list help us to begin to inform ourselves as we pray to become effective Missionaries of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Create reading Clusters/Circles of 5 persons with whom you can dialogue and gain fresh perspective. Discuss specific writings at each local/area/conference/district meeting.

Make Missions meaningful through enlightenment. Enjoy The Journey.
Let the Holy Spirit Guide you. You will know where you should begin. Some may read together. Others a chapter at a time. And then others will have to read and come back what you previously read. You say you DON'T HAVE TIME? Turn off the TELEVISION, YOUR CELL PHONE and REMOVE YOURSELF FROM UNNECCESSARY CHATTER. 15 minutes here and ther will lead to hours of inspiration. "Trust the Process." Rev.C

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