Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mount Zion AME Church - Enid Evans Missionaries Plant Trees

Members of the Enid Evans WMS and Mount Zion YPDers (along with two very helpful able bodied men) planted three trees at the Battle Creek Lelia Arboretum. One evergreen tree, one crab apple tree and one silver/blue spruce were planted on Saturday September 27th. Saturday was a beautiful day to be outside and revel in God's glory. All who participated had a wonderful time playing in the dirt while helping to beautify our plant. We all learned a great deal from the resident master gardener (horticulture specialist) Stacy who is employed by the Arboretum. Please enjoy the above pictures that really tell the whole story.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The National Public Lands Day is September 27, 2008. Checkout publiclandsday.org to see the 11 sites identified for the state of Michigan. Join forces with the National Environmental Education Foundation to help beautify our surroundings. The Battle CreekArea WMS is in luck because our site is the Leila Arboretum located at 928 W. Michigan Ave. Join Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church Missionaries from the Enid Evans Women's Missionary Society as we join forces with the National Environmental Education Foundation and the 2008 Tree Planting Initiative to make the National Public Lands Day a success. Plant a tree, make a difference.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Don't Listen to Kermit...It is Easy Being Green

What is Your Carbon Footprint? Are you killing the earth with that plastic water bottle you purchase everyday? When is the last time you planted something back in the earth other than to beautify your own house? These and many more questions should be asked of ourselves on a daily basis. Our planet needs our help and we need to listen to what it is saying to us. Think about the waste that comes from just your household and what affect it has on the earth. Are there items that we purchase or habits that we have that could be changed to give our Eco-system a break? Here are a few suggestions and some related articles to get you thinking about how easy it is to BE GREEN.

  • Change the light bulbs in your house to Compact Fluorescent

  • By the New Eco-Friendly Grocery Bags and stop using the paper or plastic options

  • Don't buy that high price water in a Plastic bottle. Your tap water is better for you. Cleaner and safer also.

  • Car-pool to reduce carbon emissions (especially on hot summer days)

  • Plant a tree. It gives you something beautiful to look at, provides shade, gives the birds and squirrels a new home to live in, helps to change carbon monoxide to oxygen and a host of other earth-friendly benefits.

  • Ride your bike or walk more often.

  • Build a compost and produce some of the most fertile soil for your garden.

  • Plant a garden.

  • Buy recycled products. Look for items that are produced using Green technology and made from Green material.

  • Make sure all of your major appliances are energy efficient and have the ENERGY STAR logo on them.

Check out the following Green living sites to get some other great ideas.

Recycling & Reducing Waste

Composting 101

Going Green in Your Bathroom

Easy Ways to go GREEN

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Green Living Glossary

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

4th District WMS - Required Reading 2008-2009

Read, Research, Reflect, Respond!

The nine books on the list help us to begin to inform ourselves as we pray to become effective Missionaries of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Create reading Clusters/Circles of 5 persons with whom you can dialogue and gain fresh perspective. Discuss specific writings at each local/area/conference/district meeting.

Make Missions meaningful through enlightenment. Enjoy The Journey.
Let the Holy Spirit Guide you. You will know where you should begin. Some may read together. Others a chapter at a time. And then others will have to read and come back what you previously read. You say you DON'T HAVE TIME? Turn off the TELEVISION, YOUR CELL PHONE and REMOVE YOURSELF FROM UNNECCESSARY CHATTER. 15 minutes here and ther will lead to hours of inspiration. "Trust the Process." Rev.C


The country of Haiti has been in the news lately because of the devestation that hurricane Gustov caused for its citizens. As I am typing this post another Hurricane (Ike) is in the Carribean and headed for Haiti. Reports coming in from Gonaivies, Haiti state that all the roads in this city have been washed away and this is making relief efforts difficult. Please read the following news article to further educate yourself with what is needed to assist with relief efforts...
related articles

Study to Show Thyself Approved

The 4th Episcopal District WMS is doing a new thing. Under the anointed leadership of Supervisor, Rev. Dr. Cecilia Williams-Bryant, we will study to show ourselves approved. All Missionaries are asked to study and memorize the following bible versus by the October 2008 Planning Meeting scheduled to convene in Rosemont, Illinois.

We are Fierce, Faithful, Fabulous, Favored
We are equipped for SUCCESS by being:
In addition we will focus on a year long study of the Gospel of John.

We are excited about reading the word of God and look forward to having the word of God read us.