Saturday, September 26, 2009

Battle Creek Area Meeting

Tabernacle Idlewild Hosts Battle Creek Area Meeting

It was still dark and the misty rain was coming down but 7 women from Mount Zion and 4 women from Lewis Chapel faithfully came together to travel to Idlewild Michigan. All were a little tired and not quite awake but still happy to see each others smileing faces. We got situated and by 7:15am we were on our McDonalds that is. We needed our coffee and egg sandwiches before we could navigate the 2 hour and 30 min trip to Black Eden. After the food break we were on our way. Gospel music in the cd player and singing missionaries in the van. With our trusty GPS system and only one potty break we reached our destination. This was my first time ever going to Idlewild. I can't believe I was able to walk on the property that has been such an vital part of the African American Experience in Michigan. Once we arrived at Tabernacle AMEC (just past the Post Office) we were greeted by Sis. Iris Hill (local WMS President). Hugs , kisses and hello sisters followed as we greeted all who had made the trip to our little piece of heaven - Tabernacle. 5 churches from the Battle Creek Area were present and we had 23 people in attendance. What a great way to start the conference year. Our Conference President - Jackie Mitchell-Robinson and our 1st VP - Joyce Johnson (Sis. JJ) were on hand as well. We started with a wonderful devotion led by Sis. Jeanette Smiley. We had 2 new missionaries in attendance and 3 first timers to our Area Meeting. God is provideing the increase. We had a through nominateing committee report presented by Sis. Ethel Fitzpatrick and with new names of persons willing to step out on faith and strech themselves for the word of the Lord. The new officers were installed by Sis. Mishca R. Smith and the ladies were charged with keeping their focus on the Lord as they so the work of missions. They were also asked to rememeber that they are each others sister and to remember that there is strength in numbers so stay hooked up with each other. The business portion of the meeting was run smoothly and efficiently by Area Chairperson Sis. Rosa Moss-Hargrove. Business was concluded by 1:45pm. A wonderful bounty of food was prepared by the women from Tabernacle - salad, green beans, roll, baked and fired chicken, jello, cake, punch, tea and coffee. Those ladies sure can cook. There was a buzz of conversation and laughter in the air as we fellowshiped with on another. There was still excitement about the WGI Convocation and what the experiences meant to us personally. There was talk about the reading list from last conference year and how the different topics made us all pause and think. At last it was time for us to get back on the road to return to our respective homes. We couldn't leave with without taking a group picture for the record. On this BIRTHDAY...I got to spend it with 23 wonderful women of GOD in Idlewild (Black Eden). I don't think I could have planned a better birthday celebration. Special thanks to Sis. Sherry Williams for getting to our destination and back without any incident. The drive was so smooth we all agreed that she could drive us all to heaven. God bless the women of the Battle Creek Area. I feel that this year we are going to do bigger and greater things for the Kingdom of God and we each are going to grow deeper in our relationship with the Lord.

Peace to My Missionary Sisters

Mishca R Smith

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